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Tour with 1782 completed!

What an amazing ride this has been! Only great memories and so much fun touring and doing shows around Europe! From Greece to Italy, Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Holland, France, Switzerland and back, it's been absolutely amazing! We'd like to send a big thank you to everyone who came to our shows and partied with us, bought our merch or said hello! The tour is now over and we are on our way back to Athens now.

The only sad thing for us is that it was so hard to say goodbye to our brothers 1782 once the tour was over. We miss them already and we are literally counting the days to see them again! Lots and lots of love for these three amazing human beings, whom we can proudly call our friends! And of course lots of love to our awesome driver, tetris master and fantastic person Davide, whom we will also miss and we can't wait to see him again, drink beers together and exchange cool stories. We would also like to send our heartfelt gratitude and love to the HPS boss Gabriele, and also Maurice, for making this tour possible for us and for all their help and support, also Ale from Speedy pins and of course all the people from all the venues we played at for having us in their shows and for their hospitality! Also congrats to all the bands we played together, you were all amazing!

This isn't the end of our gigs for this year though, as we're playing in lots of cool festivals around Europe in the months to come!! We'll be very happy to see you there!


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