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Sardinia with 1782 was amazing!!!

We are back in Athens after an absolutely beautiful trip to Sardinia. It's always our absolute pleasure to hang out and play shows with our brothers 1782 and both nights we played together were incredible, both on Friday in Ossi at Alex Bar and on Saturday in Cagliari at Monolithix Fest 2022 Thank you all so much for the support! Lots of love to the entire 1782 family for the warm hospitality and for being such wonderful people, we miss them already and we can’t wait to see them again! Many thanks to Monolithix Stoner Sardinia for Saturday for welcoming us and making us feel like home, and of course to all of you who showed up and had fun with us! Also many thanks to Bill for coming in last minute and helping us with these two shows!

We have no shows planned for the next month, although there will be announcements for a couple of gigs before the end of the year, and also be prepared for some super awesome gig announcements in 2023!!!! For now we resume our work on the upcoming Mammoth Opus which we plan to start recording before the end of the year!

Much love to you all!!!


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