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New Song Premiere! "Atomic Shaman"!

"Atomic Shaman" premiere via Doomed & Stoned!

The surface burns day and night, and dwellers of the deepest caverns have embraced the pitch-black corridors below as their new dominion. No one dares to venture above; it would only mean certain death by the all-consuming hellfire that came from the skies. The dwellers are secluded in the deep, chanting frenziedly and calling upon the spirits from the otherworld for salvation. This is the dismal world of “Atomic Shaman”, the track that opens side B of our upcoming new album. Our goal with this song was to capture all the despair and hopelessness of that horrific turn of events and put it in one song, greatly inspired by the 1986 movie “Dead Man’s Letters”.

"Supersonic Megafauna Collision" is coming out April 5th by Heavy Psych Sounds Records!


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