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Happy New Year!

Thank you all so much for all the love you've shown us these past 12 months . While we didn't release any new music this year, we played lots of shows, the vast majority of which being outside of Greece. It was a dream for us and we will cherish these memories forever.

We would like to say a very big thank you to all of you who supported us by coming to our shows, buying our merch, listening to our music or even just coming to say hello.

Big love to our dear Heavy Psych Sounds Records Gabriele as well as Rajko, Maurice & Claire, our brothers Marco, Gabriele and Francesco from 1782 & their families, Shane from High Reeper, our european tour superman driver Davide, Greg from Seer of the Void, Dionysis & Lina from Anticreation, Bill for helping us play the shows in Croatia and Sardinia, Speedy Pins, Fuzz Ink, Branca Studio, Martin & STGS gang, the lads from Sleepwulf for being awesome people & saving our asses literally last minute in Germany by kindly lending us some of their gear, our labelmates Black Rainbows, Hazemaze, Tons, Bongzilla, Geezer, Duel, Hippie Death Cult & so many bands for being great people and sharing the stage with us, French Rasta Guy, Julien Fades & drunk sauce spitting Colognian guy, Dark Sun & Ignite studios, 666MrDoom, and of course the entire HPS Fest team in Winterthur, Salzburg, Berlin & Dresden, Electric Valley Records & Alex Bar, Marin & the Bear Stone Fest team, Caspar & the Hoflarm team, Daniele & Veronique from Freakout in Bologna, Sani & Channel Zero, Thielo from Elbsludgebooking, Desertfest Antwerp, Les Tanneries team, Doom in Bloom, Dudefest team, Davide & Scumm, Maurice & PMK, Christos from Made of Stone Prods, the Maximum Fest team, Mateo & Mr. Bison, Andreas & the Explosiv team, the MTC team, the CPA team, Knust team in Hamburg, Jesus & Hexenhaus, Xavier & Molodoi, the people at Kult-Turm, the people of Monolithix Fest, Bolwerk, Kostas of Demons Gate & many others, thank you all so much for your hospitality! Also much love to all the people, bands and labels we met during our shows!

2023 is coming with a new album so get ready for some heavy riffs! Happy New Year Everyone!!!


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