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Flight to Munich cancelled mid-air due to heavy snowfall. We won't make it to Chaos Blast Meeting.

Munich! We are very bummed and sad to inform you that we will not be playing tonight at Feierwerk for Chaos Blast Meating: Howls From Beyond. We boarded our flight to Munich this morning as planned, and the airplane took off from Athens as planned. However, two hours into the flight the pilot informed us that the airport in Munich had closed for the day due to heavy snowfall, and that we would be turning back to Athens. So the airplane turned around and headed back to Athens, and we've just landed.

We are super bummed. We were really excited about this show.

The fest will happen, please go to the show and support Chaos Squad, Feierwerk & the bands that will make it, we are sending you good vibes from thousands of km away and hope you all have fun!

We'll try our best to come to Munich in the future!


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