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Acid Mammoth Live at Hoflärm Open Air 2022

We are very happy to announce that we are playing at Hoflärm Open Air 2022 on August 11th, in Germany! We're super stoked to be playing among some really awesome bands!

This is going to be killer!

Get your tickets:


Hoflärm's announcement:

"⚡️Hoflärm 2022 - 3 days - First bands⚡️

Hoflärm is back! We are happy to announce our biggest line-up yet!

To make up for the cancelled regular Hoflärm festivals of the last 2 years, we will celebrate this year over 3 days and that with 4 headliners! Today we can present the following bands: Greenleaf Nebula Slomosa Black Rainbows Odd Couple Wucan Acid Mammoth Skraeckoedlan Daily Thompson Galactic Superlords Slowshine Purple Dawn Gallons of Mud (Special Reunion Show) Sarkh Out Demons Out

At the same time we can announce that the presale of the early bird tickets will start on 20.03. at 4 p.m. cet. The limited early bird tickets are 85€(plus Eventbrite fee). Camping is included.

Here is the link:

We have 2 more headliners to announce in the next weeks, which we are really looking forward to! One headliner plays heavy stoner doom, the other psychedelic rock. Besides these two bands and the other acts, we never thought we would ever get bands like this to Marienthal! Thanks for your support!

This year's Hoflärm is organised by the non-profit association Fast Eddies e.V., which means that all proceeds will only be used to promote cultural and musical diversity in the local area!"


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